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Written by Юлиян Иванов   
Tuesday, 02 September 2008 15:52
Voting console in Bulgarian Parliament The electronic voting system ViSI® is a product, which makes possible electronic voting and electronic accounting for votes during city municipalities sessions. The system is designed in a specific way in order to account for requirements and decision making procedures specifics, as well as for number of counsellors in the given municipality. The software solution is simple and easy to use. During delivery and installation a training for system operators is provided.


The basic system configuration includes:

  • personal computer
  • LCD monitor 17”
  • LCD monitor 40” with wall mounting bracket
  • application software ViSImgr*, developed by Request Ltd.
  • communication transciever for interconnection between PC and the voting consoles
  • three-button voting consoles for all counsellors
According to your request, it is possible to choose from the following system variants:
  • Stationary system with a hall cabling and immovable voting consoles, installed at counsellor benches
  • Stationary system with a RFID contactless cards, hall cabling and immovable voting consoles. Contactless cards are used for counsellor identification.
  • Wireless, without hall cabling, with a wireless handheld voting devices

What are the electronic voting system advantages?

  • Realises contemporary approach and corresponds to current trends of good management and technological innovations
  • Speeds up the voting process as well as the votes accounting, which results in more effective session management
  • Increases transparency in the work of municipality
  • Provides automatic archiving
  • Gives functionality for remote administration, printing, voting count statistics for mandatory points in the agenda
  • Provides quick report/printout for previous agendas and municipality resolutions and gives quck access to them
  • Increases efficiency of protocol registrations and decreases workload on the state employers, which attends to the municipality sessions


Basic characteristics
Operating system
Microsoft WindowsXP/Vista
DB management system
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Platform .NET 2.0


Number of voting seats
Number of active displays
limited just from hardware
Available display templates
„Chairman", „Hall", „Visitors"
System reports
Full history, current voting - protocol, statistics and sanctions for nonvoting
Interface Simplified, single-button functionality
Fully pre-configured according to municipality needs
Structurally designed for data consolidation from several municipalities

Voting consoles

Voting Console ViTE49
Voting console ViTE49
Reading distance
100 до 120 мм
Card type
RFID 125 KHz
Interface RS485
Supply voltage
12 VDC
Operating temperature from 0 to 60°C
Casing IP54
Transmission speed
up to 115 Kbps
Communication line length (max)
1.5 км (9600bps)


Voting console ViTEx
Reading distance
100 до 120 мм
Card type
RFID 125 KHz
Interface Ethernet 10base-T
Supply voltage
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
Operating temperature from 0 to 60°C
Casing IP54
Transmission speed
10 Mbit/s
Communication line length (max)
150 m (Cat5 cable)
Download this file (ViSI Presentation.ppt)ViSI_Presentation.ppt (Microsoft_PowerPoint)[Презентация на системата за гласуване с акцент върху инсталацията в Общински Съвет Силистра]
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