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Written by Юлиян Иванов   
Tuesday, 02 September 2008 15:42
Parking entrance

ePark - the complex and flexible solution for automation and control of the access in parking lots and garages. ePark is a multi-component, multi-layer system, elaborated on the basis of modern software and hardware technologies.

The basic goal of ePark is to manage all the activities related to the automation of parking lots and garages and the performance of the desired traffic regime and access control therein.

Purpose and basic functions of the system

The basic purpose of ePark is to collect, store and process information related to the activities performed when working with parking lots and garages. Another aim of the system is to automate the activities of the control traffic regime in the zones observed. The general functions of the system are:

  • Control over the entering and exiting vehicle flow;
  • Receiving reports and control over the executive output devices (card readers, automatic barriers, pass detectors);
  • Performance of actions in a logical sequence when vehicles pass in both directions;
  • Creation and maintenance of event archives;
  • Creation and maintenance of information database containing vehicle registrations, clients, subscriptions, subscription plans etc.;
  • Storing of data related to effectuated payments and price policy of the company;
  • Issuing of various formats and volumes of reports concerning all the aspects of the functioning of the information system;
  • Joint management of several parking lots through common information database, i.e. centralized management of a group of parking lots;
  • Realisation of an information layer for the purposes of the company management.

Structure of the system

ePark is built as a multi-layer information system. Different components of the system can be located at geograficaly distant places as in the picture below. Click the picture for bigger view.


AutoMobile parking lots network diagram

Some basic characteristics

Here is a list with some of the basic characteristics, on which the functional diversity of ePark is based:
  • One-time registration of the clients of the company, no matter where the garages are situated;
  • Registration of a car based on its basic features (licence number, producer, model, colour etc.);
  • Storing and processing of the accumulated information related to the clients;
  • Creation of various types of subscriptions, related to the person of the client as well as to the type of the service offered by the company;
  • Calculation of the price of the service depending on the duration of the subscription, as well as on the season;
  • Generating passes for various types of company sites, related to the subscription;
  • Automatic control of the garage entrances;
  • Displaying of information about the client to the controlling person; control of the exit;
  • Rich set of reports, including the load of the garages, the entering and exiting car flow, information about the cars staying in a given moment in each garage, as well as generalized information about all the sites, various financial reports etc..
  • Creation of administrative users of the system;
  • Change of the security system;
  • Registration and initialisation of new sites.

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